Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sarah Daly Best in Show

Kennesaw State University
Fine Art Gallery
Joe Mack Wilson Building
Tidal Exhibition - Senior Art Major Fall Exhibition
November 10 - December 8, 2005

Art Theory & Criticism Class

Exhibition Review

Sarah Daly Best in Show

The senior exhibition located at Kennesaw State University, Fine Arts Gallery is well done and worth seeing. The show displays paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, graphic arts and multimedia pieces. Although some works are predictable, there are many pieces that are thought provoking.

"Map 53," oil on canvas, by Sarah Daly, is best in show. Sarah scratched into the top layers to expose the under-painting. She employs a dark palette, and she appears to back light the figure. While the figure looks down the glowing light from behind offers her protection. The underlying map indicates Sarah is on a journey. This piece is thought provoking because one wonders what the figure is thinking. Another piece by Sarah demonstrates she is thinking outside the box when she illustrates residential homes using pen and ink on the white pages of the phone book–very creative.

Ben Goldman’s "Autumn Rain," oil on panel, is a great piece, and the color palette is appropriate to his theme. Jessica Blinkhorn’s "The World Around Me," coffee, tobacco, ash, and graphite on watercolor paper seems to successfully express the artist’s inner vision, as well as Valerie Houcek’s "Self Portrait I," charcoal, where she renders herself trapped behind bars.

The KSU Senior Exhibition is an overall success, and these artists are off to a good start.
Carol Craig, KSU student


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